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Mango Fool

The name "fool" comes from the French "fouler", 



Chestnut Cream with Orange 

A traditional fall-time festive dessert. 
Serves 4 
600 ml milk
70g crystal sugar
1 bag of vanilla sugar
1 egg yolk
10g cornstarch
200g cooked chestnuts
20g grated high-quality dark chocolate
orange marmalade with pieces of orange (optional)   
In 500 ml of milk, mix crystal sugar and packet of vanilla sugar and bring to a boil. With the remaining milk, mix cornstarch and egg yolk, then add to the boiling milk. Simmer 1-2 minutes, constantly mixing, until the sauce thickens.  
Add the chestnuts and grated chocolate and mix well. Pour the cream into wide dessert glasses. After it cools, add orange marmalade.
Optional: Instead of orange marmalade, add slices of orange and sprinkle with brandy.